Catrin Labs Computers (CLC)

Catrin Labs Computers is an initiative to design and implements computers that may have existed between 1988 and 1992. Using modern tools like emulators, cross assembler/compilers and FPGAs today is possible to create new computers with features that you would have expected in those years. Basically this project is to rethink how micro computers would have evolve, and how to build them and run them with modern technology.

Currently there are two generations of computers being developed:

  • CLC-88 Compy is an 8 bit computer with a design and implementation that has been already started. There is an emulator and some sample software, and you will find all the development history in the blog posts below.
  • CLC-92 Compu is a 16 bit computer that is in the analysis phase. Its development will start after Compy is finished.

Following are all the post about the development of these two computers: