About Catrin Labs

CatrinLabs started as an initiative to design and build computers with a “retro-perspective”. As time passed it turned into a repository of several projects related with old computers, programming and music.

Following there is a list of these projects:

RetroX : An integrated set of emulators and emulation resources to make playing retro games easy. The motto is “don’t spend time editing files and setting emulators up, RetroX does the work for you”.

MusicTrans : A tool to learn to play songs. Load a song and MusicTrans will help you loop sections, slow the time down without affecting the pitch, apply filters and everything you may need to listen the song better, practice it and master it.

TraX Player : A music player for MIDI, MOD, MP3 and several formats including multitrack. Initially designed for Linux, the plan is to build a hardware device ready to plug in your amplifier as well as versions for other devices like Android and Android TV based devices.

Bitabit : A low level programming course to learn how to code on old machines like the Atari 8-bit, ZX Spectrum, MSX and PC-DOS, and also on new machines like the ones created here in CatrinLabs. This course is currently being developed in Spanish, but an English version is planned.

CatrinLabs Computers : Design and implementation of computers that may have existed between 1988 and 1992. Using modern tools like emulators, cross assembler/compilers and FPGAs today is possible to create new computers with features that you would have expected in those years. Basically is to rethink how micro computers would have evolved and how they can run and be built with current technology.

There is also a special section with interesting material about 8bit and 16 computers, how they were made and how the companies behind them worked: Books, Documentaries, Interviews and Talks.