CLC-88 Compy

Compy is an 8 bit computer being designed and implemented here in Catrin Labs.

The main features are:

  • Dual Z80 + 6502 CPU (not running at the same time) at switchable frequencies of 1.79, 3.58, 7,16 and 14,32Mhz
  • 128 KB RAM and 128 KB Video RAM. Both mapped into the 64KB window
  • Chroni Display Processor
    • 256 colors from a RGB565 16 bit palette (64K colors)
    • 16 color text modes up to 40×25
    • 16 color bitmap mode up to 320×240
    • 32 sprites, 16×16, 15 colors + 1 transparency
    • Multiple color mechanism through sub palettes.
    • Wait on horizontal sync
    • Vertical and horizontal programmable interrupts
    • Vertical and horizontal hardware scrolling
    • Multi video modes per scanline using display lists
    • Pointer based operations when possible to avoid data transfers
  • Audio
  • PS/2 compatible keyboard
  • Sega Genesis compatible controllers
  • SDCard storage

The design of this computer is inspired mainly on a mixture of the Atari 800 and ZX Spectrum computers, borrowing some additional ideas from the MSX2 as well. It should be able to handle ported games from the first two machines with additional features like better graphics and audio.

Following is a real demo using multi color text mode with stereo POKEY