Books, Documentaries, Interviews and Talks

Here is some interesting material to know more about how old computers were created and how those companies did what they did. This material has been enjoyed as an inspiration for all the activities at Catrin Labs.


Documentaries / Movies

Interviews and talks

Some people will appear several times, may be you don’t know them, but you should. Here is a list of names and why they are important.

  • Bil Herd: One of the key engineers of Commodore, creator of the C128 and some lesser known 8 bit computers (Plus/4 and others)
  • Bill Mensch: One of the creators of the 6502 processor and later designer of the 65816 processor
  • Jack Tramiel: Founder of Commodore, the man behind the creation and release of the PET, VIC-20 and C64. Later he bought Atari and launched the XE and ST computers
  • Jay Miner: Father of Atari 2600, Atari800 and Commodore Amiga
  • Joe Decuir: One of the creators of Atari 2600, Atari 800, Commodore Amiga, USB, Bluetooth
  • Leonard Tramiel: Son of Jack Tramiel, he stepped in to help his father while in Commodore and Atari
  • Michael Tomczyk: Marketing director at Commodore